Thursday, November 29, 2012

"We Are Thankful" Snapshots

We Are Thankful Snapshots

Here are the snapshots I took of my “We Are Thankful” doll scenes.  I started out by setting the scene – setting up the walls & then the furniture.  I took some pictures of the scenes before I put the dolls into the scenes.  

So here are the doll-less scenes.
This is the front yard with leaves that needed to be raked up.  I made the leave with paper punches.  I used reds, brown, oranges & yellow paper.  I have a bunch that I punched from orange & red tissue paper.   The tiny pinecones are real.

This is a look closer to the front door.


Here is the wagon with pumpkins & a basket of apples.  The pumpkins are real.

This is the living room with half of the furniture in place.  I am always on the look out for small items for my scenes.  Take a good look at all the small details.  There are several more pictures of the living room.

 Here is the living room with the lamps on & the fireplace going.  When I had this much set up my daughter’s cat decided to visit my doll room.


                                                 This is the living room fully furnished for fall & with the lamps & fireplace lit.

Here is a close-up of the fireplace with the cornucopia on the mantle & the yellow tabby cat on the hearth.


                            This is the bookcase & the clock.  The books are real books.  The clock is a real clock.  I just don’t have it plugged in. 


This is the desk corner & a closer look 
at the desk.  The photos on the desk are of my dolls.  

The pencils on the notebook & in the bin in the desk are real colored pencils.  I bought the typewriter from American Girl, but the desk, chair, globe, etc are all things I bought at yard sales or Deseret Industries (thrift store).

 This is the China Hutch.  It was originally a jewelry box,  with drawers (but I think at least one of the drawers was missing.  I took the necklace hanger out & put in shelves.

This was a hanging display rack.  I took wooden snowmen, stained them & fastened them to the bottom for legs.

 These are views of the kitchen cabinets & cupboards, along with all of their furnishings (dishes & foods).  My son made the cereal & cracker boxes & the macaroni & cheese boxes by scan real ones & reprinting them smaller.

                                           This is the stove.  I bought it from American Girl, but I made the food (the turkey & the pies).

And then here is the laundry room.  I bought the washing machine, ironing board & drying rack from American Girl, but the other things are thrift store finds.

And now to the scenes with the dolls in them.

Here the boys are working in the yard.

This is Edward with a wagon load of pumpkins & apples.  You can also see Timmy, who tripped over the basket of leaves.
Timmy has tripped over the basket of leaves.  Skippy, the dog is barking at Timmy.  

Ken is raking leaves.  Willie is stacking pumpkins on hay bales in front of the front window to decorate for Thanksgiving.
                                                                    David is bringing in an armload of wood for the fireplace.
Thomasina & a puppy are keeping baby Ryan entertained while the others get things ready for Thanksgiving dinner.

These are views of the dolls working in the living room to get it ready for the Thanksgiving dinner.


Fred & Valerie are moving the big table into the living.  Tablecloths are draped over the chairs.  The birdcage is on the endtable, but for Thanksgiving it gets moved to the table behind the front door.

Cassia is dusting the bookcase.

Heber is doing some last-minute paperwork at his desk.

Edith is at the China Hutch deciding on the dishes to use for Thanksgiving dinner.

Dianne is peeling & slicing apples for apple pies.

Lottie is making crust for the apple pies.  She has already made 4 pumpkin pies.

                                                                       Isabella is bringing more ingredients to Lottie.

Gretchen is getting a pumpkin pie out of the oven.  There is a turkey on the top of the stove.
Here is a view of the dolls working in the kitchen preparing Thanksgiving dinner.

                                                                                    Fleeta is busy washing & ironing tablecloths & other things for Thanksgiving dinner.
And here is a view of the laundry room & kitchen as the dolls prepare for Thanksgiving.

And now for views of the dolls having Thanksgiving dinner.


Gretchen is bringing a basket of rolls to the table.


This is a view of the smaller table.

These are views of the large table at Thanksgiving.


This is Willie, Tommie (Thomasina) & Timmy.


Willie, Timmy, Cassia & Edward
Edward, Valerie, Fred & Isabella

This is a view of the dishes & food on the small table.  See the turkey basket of rolls, the stuffing, potatoes & pitcher of gravy.  They have grape juice in their glasses.

A view of both tables & a couple of views of the people at the big table.
A couple of views of the people at the big table.

Lottie & David at the big table.

Fleeta, Edith & Ken at big table.

This the food on the big table – turkey, stuffing, potatoes, cranberry sauce & grape juice in the glasses.

In the lower picture is more of the food – gravy, potatoes, a pitcher of grape juice

The missionaries are arriving to share Thanksgiving dinner with the Taylor doll family.

Heber is greeting Elder Doody.

This is Elder Doody.  
And thru the window you can see Elder Bonnett.


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