Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thought of the week

"Knowledge is power, but the most vital and important knowledge is a knowledge of God-that He lives, that we are His children, that He loves us, that we are created in His image, that we can in faith pray to Him and receive strength and inspiration in time of need." Ezra Taft Benson

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Missionaries at Relief Society

Today’s lesson in Relief Society was on missionaries & missionary work. I took my missionary dolls & my missionary nutcrackers for visual aids for the teacher. They were good visual aids

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I usually make 2 of each item of clothing, at a time. Sometimes I make several of the same pattern, but in different fabrics, so I do have doll clothes for sale. Email me - Let me know what you are interested in. I can do special orders. My prices are reasonable.

More About Me

When I was a little girl l like to make doll clothes for my dolls – a Sweet Sue. When I was 10 years old I was given a Howdy Doody doll with a string you pull to make his mouth open & closes. He became my favorite doll. Several times he had to make a trip to a doll hospital to get his head repainted & his insides cleaned out from all the raisins & crackers he got fed. Over the years his body deteriorated, but I kept his head.

When I became a mother, I began making cloth dolls & doll clothes for my children. Then when my girls were about grown I discovered American Girl dolls. I received their catalogs & would wish for one. About 12 years ago, my 4 girls got together & got an American Girl ‘Today Girl’ for me. She has auburn hair & blue eyes like me. I painted some freckles on her face. This began my serious step into sewing & designing doll clothes.

I sewed for my 4 daughters & some for my sons & my husband, so I knew the tricks & such. I bought most of the patterns available for the 18” dolls, but have had to develop a few patterns on my own. I try to sew the doll clothes the same way the I would sew them for children. But I haven’t mastered tiny button holes yet.

Over the past few years I have acquired more dolls. I made a new body for Howdy Doody with a plastic armature inside, so he is posable. A few of the dolls I have acquired are boy dolls & a bought several American Girl dolls on ebay, that had bad hair cuts & then cut their hair even more, so they look like boys. I now have over 2 dozen dolls. They are from various makers – American Girl, Bitty Twins, Goetz, Engel Puppen, Laura Ashley, Disney & Madame Alexander. They are not all 18”; some are 19”, some are 15” or 16”.

Then I began collecting furniture & little items to make scenes with my dolls. I have a large table in my family room that I use to make my scenes on & to display my dolls. I have been so fun to find the little things & to put together my scenes. This is the reason for this website – to share my scenes with you. I hope you enjoy viewing them & will share them with others. Aren’t will all little children at heart?