Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick-or-Treating Snapshots

These are group scenes of my dolls out 
trick-or treating.

 I made all of the costumes.  For some of them I even made the patterns

 Around the edge on my display tables are paperbag luminaries.

Pumpkins on and around the straw bales are real pumpkins, except for the jack o'lantern.

Over at the party there is a tub of water with apples in it for bobbing.
 The refreshments for the Halloween party are orange punch, chocolate donuts, m&ms, orea & nutter-butter cookies.

Now here are individual or pairs costumes
This is Superman Heber & Bride Enid.  Aren't they a nice pair?  Each trick-or-treater carries a bag for his orher treats.  Each has 2 bags of candy, a chocolate chip cookie & an apple in their bag.

Isabella is here in her drop-seat footed 'jammies

Ann is out in her pink rosebud nightgown, matching bunny slippers & her teddybear.

Lottie is a 50's girl with her orange felt circle skirt, yellow sweater & matching saddle-oxfords 

Randy is a Halloween clown in orange & black.
Jewelina is also a 50's circle with her poodle felt circle skirt, white jeweled sweater & matching saddle-oxfords.
Grant in the wheelchair is the Lone Ranger & Katrina pushing him is a Pioneer girl.

Tommie (Thomasina) & Timmy are dressed up as Raggedy Ann & Andy and they carry cute Winnie-the-Pooh buckets.  They are crossing the bridge on their way to the Halloween party.

Bonita is a pretty purple Medieval Princess.  She is waiting with Freddie to cross the bridge.
Freddie is a real life super hero - a Fireman.

Nurse Edith & Dr. Benji are using medical bags as their trick-or-treat bags.  Don't they look nice.

Cassia is a cute golden fairy.
Kenny is a Wizard.  See is pretty crystal orb on his wand.

Dianne is a graceful pink Ballerina.

David is a skeleton & Matthew is a ghost.  Don't they look a bit scary.


Edward in another clown.  He is escorting Queen Greta around trick-or-treating.

Greta is going as a lovely Gold Queen.  See her pretty tiara & her golden shoes to match her pretty gown.

The is my Wizard of Oz group.  Naomi is Glinda the Good Witch.  Fleta is Dorothy.  Do you see Toto in her basket?  Behind her are Jacob as the Scarecrow, Patrick as the Cowardly Lion & Charlie as the Tinman.

Sarah is a lovely Mermaid.  Do you see the starfish, crab & seahorses caught in her net.  Also notice her shell necklace & crown.  She has a pearl in her belly-button.

This silly-looking clown is Howdy Doody.

Lamont is a African Safari Hunter with his wooden gun & his pith helmet.

Andrew is a Scotsman with his kilt, sporran, plaid & tam.
  This is Princess Louisa & Odette dress up as a bunny.
And last, but not least is Witch Valerie.  I think she is a very pretty witch with her sparkly cape & feathered hat.

Thank you for taking the time to see my dolls in their costumes.  If you have any ideas or suggestions, please leave me a comment or send an email.

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