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It's Halloween Time - October 2014

Here are some snapshots of my dolls in their costumes, as well as some of the decorating details of my "It's Halloween Time 2014" scene & video. I made almost all of the outfits except the ones noted.  I made that patterns for many of these outfits.

I didn't make this outfit.  It is the outfit that Gretchen came in when I bought her in Germany in 2000.
Andrew's kilt outfit is made with Sutherland tartan.  His sporin is made of fur.  His bagpipes play a short version of Scotland the Brave.
Isabella black & pink leotard is made of spandex.  Even her ballerina slippers are sparkly. 


Cassia's fairy costume is all gold - gold leotard with matching skirt, sparkly gold tights, shiny gold slippers, a gold crown with gems, a golden wand & a gold bag for her treats.
Zachary's clown suit has sparkly pompons on the front of his clown suit.  One half is black with bright colored polka dots & the other half with bright colored stripes.  His treat bag is yellow with colored stripes.  He is carrying a colored pinwheel.  There is a big pink flower on his hat.
Valerie is not a scary, wicked witch.  She is a pretty witch.  Her hat isn't a pointy one, but his covered with black feathers.  Her dress is plain back with is accented with a silver cummerbund & a sparkly sheer cape & capelet.  She is carrying her broom & her treat bag is a small cauldron.
Winona's circle felt skirt is sparkly orange with felt leaves on it. She is wearing a yellow sweater with an orange neck scarf.  Her shoes as black & orange saddle oxfords.
Bonnie's wears a pretty pink gown.  She is also wearing a silver crown with pink jewels on it.  You can't see her pretty pink slippers on her feet.

Benji has fringe for straw sticking out of his sleeves & pant legs.  He has a gunny sack on his head topped with a fun straw hat.  Charlie is sporting a fun orange suit with a fur hood tied with a red ribbon.
Fred is a Steampunk guy with a top hat with goggles on it.  Hanging from his vest is a pocketwatch & fob.  He is wearing funky red boots.  Regina has hair barrettes of watch parts & other fun stuff.  She also has goggles on.  Her leather vest has danglies as does her skirt which is pulled up with toggles to show of her petticoat.  She has black & white pumps on her feet.
David likes to be a cowboy & wear is cowboy hat & black cowboy boots.  He wears a bolo tie with his cowboy shirt & jeans.  He also wears his pistol in a holster.  Beside him is his dog Skipper.
It is hard to see who is in this E.T. costume.  It is Isaac.  Can you see his heart light.  It flashes.  Isn't he cute.
Harriet is a Prom Queen in a lovely sparkly blue gown with a silver tiara & a silver bag for her treats.  Lamont is a Safari Hunter with his binoculars & his rifle.  He is hoping to bag a Leopard or maybe a Rhino.
Edith is a lovely bride.  She is wearing a embroidered lace gown with a pearl necklace & a tiara to hold her veil in place.  She is a pretty bride.
Edward want to be a Fireman when he grows up, so he dressed as one for Halloween. Lucyanna is a pretty Mermaid.  She has a crown & necklace of seashells.  In the nets she wears over her shoulder & around her are starfish, a crab, seahorses & sand dollars (real).
Nathan wears a purple robe & purple pointed hat.  In his hand is a sparkling crystal orb on a golden staff.  It is his magic wand.
Fleta is a 50s Girl in her beaded white sweater set (short-sleeved pullover & matching cardigan) & her pink felt circle skirt with a pompom poodle on it.  She has a mint green scarf on her ponytail & another around her neck.  On her feet as white bobby-socks & black & white saddle oxfords.  Beside Fleta is Heber.  He is Superman in his blue spandex suit with red trunks, red cape & red boots.  He is ready to save the day.
Ann is a Nurse in her crisp white uniform & cap, also with white stockings & shoes.
Kenny is a Skeleton & Patrick is a Ghost
Naomi is in a Bunny costume with bendy ears & a pompom tail.  Enid in her purple gown & pointed purple hat with tailing lavender scarf is a Medieval Princess.
Lottie is a Golden Queen is a lovely golden gown with a golden jeweled crown on her head & gold pumps on her feet.  She is the hostess for the Halloween party.
Willie is sporting my newest costume.  He is the cute one-eyed minion. He is sooo cute.
Seated on a haybale enjoying a donut is Howdy Doody is Halloween clown.  His shirt is a Halloween print & his orange & black gingham pants have a hoop in the waistband.  He wears a yellow & orange tall hat & orange shoes.
Tommi (Tomasina) is Raggedy Ann.  She red wig is yarn sewn on a piece a nylon stocking. She wears red & white stockings with her black shoes under her pantaloons.
Timmy is Raggedy Andy.  I show him here standing as well as in his scene position bobbing for apples.  He also wears red & white stockings with his black shows.  His pants button onto his shirt.  His red wig is also red yarn sewn onto a nylon stocking topped with a sailor cap.

Here are so snapshots of some of the scene details.
This is the fence & arbor that are the entrance to the patio.  The arbor has Halloween decor & purple lights on it.
Here a couple of views of the red washtub on a half-barrel for bobbing for the wooden apples.  See the apple cores on the floor beside the barrel.
This is the refreshment table at the Halloween party.  The cookies & candy are real.  The caudron of punch is orange jello.  The donuts are chocolate covered jelly rings.  The paper plates are flattened mini cupcake papers.

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