Saturday, August 11, 2012

Snapshots of my "Summer 2012 " doll scene

I made a video of my Summer 2012 doll scene, but I thought it might be nice to do some snapshots, so that you can see more of the details of my scene, so here they are.
First is the scene as you enter the door.  You can see the Hawaiian Barbecue part of my scene.
This is a view #1 of the Hawaiian Barbecue scene.
Here are Ben & Dianne at the umbrella table.  They are ready to eat, but waiting for others to arrive & for the hamburgers to get done. The fencing is made of foam-core boards.
And here is a close-up of the food on the table.  
 I made the labels for the soda bottles & the chips bags.
Here is a close-up of the pottery fountain .
Howdy is at the grill cooking hamburgers.
Ann & Lottie are enjoying a friendly visit.
A couple more of views of the Hawaiian Barbeque
This is Naomi.  She is in her Hawaiian hula skirt.   
She is passing our shell necklaces to 
those arriving at the barbecue.

Ken is enjoying a nap on the hammock.
Fleeta & Jacob are coming thru the garden gateway to the barbecue.

David is making ice cream for the barbecue.
Gretchen is reading a book as she sits beside the pool & waits for the hamburgers to be done.
Here is the Pool Party part of my summer scene.
Notice the lanterns.  These were batbtery-powered, but my husband fastened 3 sets
together & hooked them to a usb connector & I plug it into a usb outlet 
so I can control the lights with my remote buttons
Timmy & Isaac are shooting each other with their supersoakers.  They are having lots of fun.

Thomasina is riding on her flamingo float & Isabella is relaxing on her kittycat float and trying to avoid the boys with their supersoakers.

Willie is ready to get in the pool with his beach ball.  Cassia also has a beachball.

Enid is enjoying the sunshine & her boombox music as she lays on her towel beside the pool.
And this is the Country Band to play for my square-dancers.

Midgie  is playing the guitar. Penelope is the fiddler & Lamont in playing the accordion.

Freddy & Midgie are the guitar players & Heber is the caller-announcer for the Country Band & the square-dancers.
Valerie is the banjo player for the band.
Grant plays the harmonica & Odette has the maracas.  Odette also sings with the band.
And here are the square-dancers.  There are 2 squares/sets.

This is 2 views of the first set.

Stanley & Regina are in pink.

Edith & Matthew are in matching yellow outfits.

Bonita & Phillip have matching turquoise outfits.

Katrina & Andrew are in bright green which looks so good with their red hair.

Now for the 2nd set.  Here are 2 views of that square.
Winona & Nathan are in matching peachy-orange gingham outfits.
Sarah & Charles are in light blue gingham & pink print outfits.

Edward & Louisa are the lavender pair.

Jewelina & Randy looks so sharp in the bright fuchsia outfits.

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