Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Square Dancing Hoedown

My doll are enjoying some square dancing.  I have two sets.  One sit is in bright colors & the other is in pastels.  The boys shirts match their partners' skirts & blouse.  The boys in the band have shirts to match some of the girls skirts & blouses.  The girls skirts have matching lace-trimmed petticoats.  Most of the band & the "caller" are on a wagon.

A close-up view of the whole Hoedown Square Dance Party.

One view of the square dance band
Here you can see them from the other side

Willie is standing by the front of the wagon, with his dog
  He is playing the harmonica.

Naomi in her denim & blue hankerchief print skirt & blouse is adding some rhythm to the band with her maracas

Charles, in his blue and patchwork print shirt is playing the accordian.

Valerie plays the banjo.  Her skirt is patriotic prints

Heber is the caller for this fun afternoon of square dancing
Playing the fiddle is Ann in a blue & patchwork print skirt.
Howdy is one of the guitarist

And last, but not least, is Gretchen.  She is the other guitarist.
This is the bright colored set -                                          green, turquoise,  yellow & fuschia
Randy & Jewelina look lively in their fuschia outfits
Midgie & Kendall, in green, swing their partner
The turquoise pair are Fred & Ruth

This is the pastel set - peach, pink, lavendar & pale blue-pink
The peach pair are Lottie & Jacob.
David & Dianne swing around in their pink outfits.
Lavender pair are Edward & Fleeta.

This cute little pair in pale blue & pink are Timmy & Tommi.

A farther out view of the fun Hoedown Square Dance Party.

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